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I'm not the only one with art on here, and here's some of the best!


Sorry I haven't been on Deviantart much lately, but I do have something to update you guys about. I'm sure all of you know about Coca's Promise and Rehabilitation for dogs and cats, but I'm sure you don't know about Fern. She's a Great Pyrenees and Blue Heeler mix who was found as a stray, starving at half her ideal weight with a dislocated hip in January. CP took her in and took her to the vet, reset the hip and kept her in the vet for a week to help her recovery as much as possible. She was taken to a foster home after the week and was fed chicken and rice until she gained enough weight to start eating dog food again. She got a skin infection, was taken to the vet again and given medication for it, then went back to her foster home to continue to gain weight and go swimming in a heated pool to help her leg gain muscle and start her moving it again and using it again. She began to walk on it and in the next few months she continued to gain weight and recover. But during that time, her hip popped back out again and arthritis began setting in. They took her to the vet again, and now they say she is going to need to have her leg amputated. Hopefully that will end her pain, but she might start viewing humans as beings who are causing her pain. She is very antisocial with people, though she gets along well with other dogs and cats, and that might not help her come out of her shell. So far the only people she really responds to positively is her foster mom, me and Garth. We met her at a Showcase event where Coca's Promise had a booth with dogs and cats, and Fern was one of the dogs. We weren't volunteering on the day they were showing her, but we came back and paid to get in since we weren't volunteering because I had been wanting to meet her ever since I first saw her pictures on CP's Facebook page. But me and Garth finally met her, and of course she loved Garth immediately and she warmed up to me after a few minutes as well. I watched a few other people pet her, and she didn't respond in the same way. For example, one man came up to her and started petting her, ruffling her fur and running his hands all over her (which made me really mad because she obviously wasn't enjoying it, trying to curl up and hide her face) and even though we tried to stay out of the way to let other people see the animals, Fern kept looking at me and smiling. Even when we left and came back, she was always sneaking peeks at me. She's very expressive with her eyes, and I could tell that she liked me and Garth. So we talked with her foster mom and said that we wanted to visit her again, and her foster mom was on board with it, and we tried visiting her weekend after the next, but her foster mom was sick so we waited another week and were able to see her again! During the time we were waiting to see her, her foster mom had posted an update about her physically being 100% and they listed her as being currently available for adoption, and I freaked out and printed out an application and almost filled it out without even telling Garth, but it was a good thing we waited, because there was some news waiting for us when we came to her house a little later than we had planned, which was actually good because they were out visiting family and had just arrived back when we came over. But Fern had been with her foster mom's mother, and hadn't liked it. Like I said, she's very antisocial and even though she knew her foster mom's mother, she didn't have a very good stay at her house for the weekend, so she was even more antisocial than usual and was a little disgruntled with her foster mom, but after we arrived we started petting her and talking to her and brushing her fur and playing with her a little and she started leaning in toward us, which her foster mom said that she didn't do with anybody except her. Garth said that she didn't seem to be enjoying our attention much, though I could tell she was starting to come out of her shell by leaning in and looking at us and not sticking her face in the corner like she does with other strangers and even smiling, but we decided she could use a little break so we went out in the living room, nearby her hiding spot and talked with her foster mom for a while.
We talked about her needs and her Great Pyrenees's stubborn habits and about how special she is and what kind of person will be needed to take proper care of her. She would need somebody who can handle the Great Pyrenees half of her (which we have experience with) and somebody who will be patient with her to warm up to them (which if it takes as long as it did with her foster mom, it will take months) and somebody who won't let her off the leash (honestly I'm 100% comfortable not taking my next dog off the leash after what happened to my last dog) and who will understand her fear of people and loud noises and cars and respect her independence and everything and be patient and try to work with her on those points as well as be patient with her even when she is being stubborn. She'll need a nice, quiet, and patient person who she likes. I'm very worried about her being able to find somebody like that. I know she likes me and Garth already, but she doesn't like anybody else. And Garth doesn't want to adopt her because she might try and run away, which she tries every time she is off-leash, even though me and him already feel that we shouldn't take our next dog off the leash. I know she would take a lot of work and time and patience, but she would be worth all of it. I want to adopt her so much... I've had dreams about her and I can't stop thinking about her. I even went through all the pictures on Facebook and downloaded all the pictures I could of her. When I saw her for the second time, I called her Leah by accident. That's how much she means to me. I think me and Garth would be a good family for her. She likes us and we like her, and we have experience with half Great Pyrenees dogs and I've even been told that I should adopt her. Plus, me and Garth aren't quite ready yet to adopt and she's not ready to be adopted but we can visit her and help her get ready to be adopted, and maybe she'll help us be ready for another dog too. Maybe even for her. She doesn't like very many people, but she likes us, and if she bonded so quickly with us, maybe she would be happy with us and would recover much faster. And if she bonded with us so quickly, even faster than she did with her foster mom, isn't that proof that she would be a good fit for us? If Garth was on board with adopting her, I wouldn't mind waiting however long it took. I'm not gonna lie, I would complain about the waiting but I would do it.
Anyways, after we gave her a little break, we took her and another dog for a walk, also which her foster mom mentioned that she hasn't done with anybody but her, and she did really well. There was a new noise that she wasn't used to, but she got a little used to it and smiled her proud little perfect smile and even tried to play with the other dog, even though they were on leashes. But she hardly pulled for me, except for at first when she wanted to go back inside because of the noise of the new water heater and she did so well getting over the noise. I was so proud of her, and happy that she was happy with the progress she made starting to get used to the sound of the water heater and even of the cars driving by. She shut down because she was scared of the cars driving by once, but only that one time and even continued on the walk with a little help from her foster mom. And after we walked around a little we went back inside, and since her foster mom's husband was in the bathroom, Fern couldn't go back to her little hiding spot in the bathroom. I had to use the bathroom right after, which left Fern outside another couple of minutes longer. She didn't seem to mind too much though, because every time she passed by she was smiling. But soon she went back to her corner once the bathroom was empty. So Garth and I continued to play with the other dogs there and talked with Fern's foster mom. Her dog that Garth had been walking with was playing with us and I think he pulled out my inset somehow, because I found out during the middle of the night afterward that it had been pulled out and the canula had folded itself flat between my skin and the outer part of the inset. But anyway, during our conversation, Fern came out into the hallway for a few seconds, and was walking toward us until her foster mom and me noticed her and called to her. We didn't call loudly, but it still scared her enough to go back to her little hidey-corner. Poor girl is scared by almost everything. But her foster mom did say that she didn't do that for anybody except herself. Fern seriously must like us a lot. :D <3 <3 <3 And I love her a lot too, so please pray for her (if you are in the habit of praying). I don't know what I'll do if the wrong person adopts her or if something happens with her amputation. I honestly don't want her to change because I love her the way she is, but it might be better for her if she does start to socialize a little more. So if you can pray for that too, please do. I don't think I can bring myself to do that.
She hasn't had her amputation surgery yet, or her spay done but I was looking into aftercare for dogs who had legs removed and it was pretty much what I expected; look for signs of infection or leakage, the staples or stitches will be taken out about 10 days after the surgery, you can use a t-shirt or boxer shorts to keep the dog from licking the wound and that the permanent scar could take up to 20 days to form, etc. But the things I found out that I didn't think about before was that Fern would need help going up and down stairs after the surgery, maybe for the rest of her life. Her foster mom has a lot of steep stairs going to her front door. I'm a little worried about her having to go outside and go potty and exercise. They might have to carry her out every time they go out, so they would have to multiple times a day. They could get a harness with handles on it to help her up and down stairs and in and out of cars and on slippery floors, but those are expensive. Over $100 expensive. Yikes. I hope they can handle it, because her foster mom is worried about her being fostered by another family because she won't be used to them, and the extra stress from getting used to the new sights, sounds and smells and people and pets wouldn't help with her recovery. Looks like it might be a lose-lose situation. I would like her to come to my house so I could take care of her, but I don't know how Meiko would react to her. She might try to play with her, which she shouldn't be doing after a surgery...
Also a firm bed would be good for her. Preferably one with a removable cover so it could be washed in case of leakage of the stitched area... But those are expensive too. I know she has a bed, but it's more just like a blanket with rolled up ends. That might be good for her to lay on. But it's just hard for dogs to readjust themselves on a softer bed with just three legs. But I think they have a Kuranda bed that she can use. Those are good for tripawds too. There are beds with soft sides for extra warmth in the winter months and firmer sides that have removable covers, but those are expensive too because they're made with memory foam. I need a job... 
I wonder if Fern's foster mom is thinking about this kind of stuff...

Okay, I wanna write a little bit about the dreams I had about Fern.
The first one was about an old man dropping her off, out of his moving van, at our house. She came up to me and I was trying to figure out why he had dropped her off and was trying to figure out whether I should keep her or not, because she was really sweet and was getting along with Meiko and the cats and everything (this was before I knew for sure that she was good with other dogs or cats) when the owner came back with his grandaughters/really young daughters and was considering taking her back, but was unsure whether he should because his daughters would not treat her nicely, which was why he dropped her off at what he though was a nice looking home for a dog like her. And I was watching the girls and sure enough, they started pulling on her fur and ears and just being kids, but he didn't correct them on their behavior either. He was talking with my father-in-law about what he should do when I woke up.
The second one was a dream about Fern playing with Meiko. Me and Garth were trying to call her back to us, but neither of the dogs would come back to us. They were just having too much fun playing with each other, running around and jumping and chasing and such. But in the dream I knew it Fern wasn't coming for the same reason Mieko wasn't; because they just didn't want to. That's just how the Great Pyrenees in them is. (this was before her foster mom knew about the breed tendencies too)
The third one I had just last night. It was about me, my family and Garth going to a movie premiere for the 7th Star Wars movie. Coca's Promise had a booth set up to show off their dogs and try to get them adopted outside the theater, in a place with giant piles of rocks and trees out in the grass under the stars with a bed sheet set up as a movie screen, and they were playing a movie on it. I stayed and petted Fern while watching the movie inside a fancy kind of tent, like the ones set up for outside weddings sometimes, but much smaller. I stayed there until Fern started wandering off, and I followed her and was climbing on the rocks when I woke up.
Another one I had while I was half asleep, and it was kind of a daydream that kind of ran itself; like I had no control over it. I was dreaming that there was a family get together on Garth’s side of the family, and his big brother was yelling at Fern, who we had adopted in the dream. She hadn’t even done anything wrong, she just didn’t want to play with his daughter. But he was freaking her out because she’s scared of loud noises and strange people, and she was already scared of his daughter and he was just making the situation worse and had her backed into a corner yelling at her and calling her a bad dog. I kinda flipped out on him and stepped in between him and Fern and started yelling at him to not talk to my dog that way, and to get out of my house and to never come back. Garth’s mom tried to step in and calm everybody down then but I was too mad and started talking back to her a little, telling her that no, I would not excuse his behavior toward my dog, who lives there and he doesn’t, and that he can’t come back until he apologizes to me and Fern and promises never to yell at her again. But he wasn’t leaving so I started pushing him and he still wouldn’t budge so I started slapping, then hitting and punching him and screaming at him and eventually I got him out of the door and his wife herded their daughters out of my house and my mother in law gave me a look, which I kind of deserved, and left giving me a cold shoulder on the way out without a word. And that was where the dream ended.
***End Edit***

***Edit #2***
I don't get to see her again this weekend, like I was hoping to, which sucks. :iconsighingplz:
But the good news is that her skin is all healed up! Which is great! She must be feeling at least a little better, which I am very glad for. :aww: That means she'll be either getting fixed or getting her leg amputated. She'll probably get her leg done first. I hope she'll be okay through that and afterward. I hope it helps with her pain. I also hope that she'll do okay with her temporary foster home over the weekend. She didn't do well with her foster mom's mother, and she already knew her. 

There's no stick... I'm smarter

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 8, 2012, 11:53 PM
***Edit 2***…
Sign it and spread the word.
***End of Edit 2***

***Epic Edit-- :iconepicjarplz: :icononionsighplz: :iconquarterplz: worth it, though***
Just when you thought Christmas couldn't get any better,


Now if you'll excuse me, I have to clean my house. You can all clean up your own houses yourselves. :iconwinkingplz:

***End of Edit***

So my big brother found a pretty knife that he says he wants for Christmas, and I liked the saw on the back and said so, and he tried to sound smart and say it was a serrated edge. I collect knives, so I know the difference between a serrated edge and a sawback. I told him to do an image search for a sawback knife. No answer. Victory! Plus the gaps between a saw and the edges on a serrated knife are way bigger. Plus plus, it even said in the description of the knife in the link that he gave, and I paste: "Drop point large saw top edge blade". So much epic pwnage. :iconiwinplz::iconvictoryplz::iconimsmartplz: If you can't tell, I don't beat him at much. So it makes me happy that I knew more than him about knives. That and it makes me mad when people don't think I know anything about anything, especially knives. :iconsothereplz:

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Rockbeetle Featured By Owner Edited Dec 7, 2015
I wish to say few things, if you won't mind.

Until the truth was out I was not expecting things being like they were. While I, of course, do not know you personally, from the way Garth pictured you in his gallery I got remarkably positive image of you. You and Garth seemed like most happy, perfect, loving couple ever. That's why, before the truth came out, I didn't want to accuse you of being responsible for the bad things that had happened. On another hand, logically speaking it made the most sense, given the way Garth had responded to tragic events in the past versus the recent events.

Even so, both you and Garth will still have my sympathy. Obviously neither me, or the other people still know the full story, but what has happened, happened. When I found out about the truth, I obviously felt sad for Garth, but I didn't feel anger nor hatred towards you. While the thing you've done is something that I myself despise, I will only judge actions, not people who commit them.

The fact that Garth spoke for you too in his latest journal helps as well. The fact that he is willing to find strenght within himself to defend you makes me feel relieved. He truly is strong. I hope you truly thankful for him and regretful at your own actions.

The journal also gives me the impression that you were also there to support him after the truth came out. If that's the case, then I'm proud of you, since that makes you strong as well. I hope you continue doing so in the future as well.

We all make mistakes in our lives. The first thing that we must do is accept what has happened. What is done, can't be undone. The mistakes we make hurt us, just as much as they hurt others, but they also will help us grow. When one understands, why things they did was wrong, they'll grow as a person. As long as we learn from our mistakes, and don't repeat them, we will live a good life.

So, you too, continue on living. If you ever feel bad about yourself, know at least Garth and I will still believe in you. Keep being in good terms with him and move on with your own life. I will continue supporting both you and him, the best way I can.

Have a nice day and good holiday anticipations! :)
RogueMankey Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2015
I hope you're happy with yourself.

Because a LOT of people aren't with you.
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IronBloodAika Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2015
Good to hear that Garth is doing better. You both doing okay?
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Rockbeetle Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2015
Whatever it is that you and Garth are going throught, we'll be here to show are best support.

Stay strong and you will make it throught.
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